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Friday, May 21, 2010

Life as Usual

I though it would be good to have some pictures of Istvan the way that I see him. This is him after his morning bottle.

I learned how to make placinte (pronounced Pla-cheen-ta), which is a Romanian pastry. It's soooo yummy.

Kathy, Andrea, and I.
Istvan's new foster parents took him away today. Although I am delighted that he now has parents who obviously love him already, part of my heart is still breaking.

The past week has been busy as per usual. It's been wonderful having a symphony house so close by (a 7 min. walk) with tickets being so cheap (the equivalent of $12 CA). I had never been to a symphony before and I absolutely love it!

Tomorrow morning I get on a bus that will take me into the mountains. I'm going to be spending Pentecost at St. Ilie Monastery, just outside of a little town called Albac. Both the monastery itself, and the surrounding area, is supposed to be very beautiful and I look forward to taking a billion pictures. Also, it will be good to get away from the city a little... both to see more of the country and to soak up the peace and quiet.

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  1. thanks really lovely; Blessed Feast!

    (found you via St. Herman's, where I began my Orthodox journey... I have a sister and brother in law who are Protestants working with Heart to Heart International who live in Romania and I have some very beloved friends who are Romanian and the monastery I go to in Michigan is Romanian (Holy Dormition) so I find your blog quite lovely and also see the love for the orphans that my sister and brother in law also have).

    Again, Blessed Feast of Pentecost!